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1800 001 398  Customer

After 12 months of battling I finally found this number – for the Customer Referral Centre they are the ones that TIO speak with, they have real people there!   These people actually have power to switch things on and off and over ride the system defaults that mere mortals in their outsourced call centres can not.   If I could have spoken with some here 12 months ago I am sure that they would have sorted my problems in the first instance.  If they can not resolve the issue, they will allocate it to the National Customer Relations team who will over see each case – they will probably ask for a TIO ref number in order to proceed, so I would recommend the following, just call TIO and get a ref number, then call this area.  Sweet lets save everyone heaps of time.

 Telstra Complaints

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Thanks for your site. Your contact details worked for me. After 22 months I found 8 people who carried on telling me I couldnt do anything, one in rapid response who promised everything and did nothing and one person who has apparently fixed my problem after it was referred to him from the office of the CEO.

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