telstra complaints

Telstra Complaints

Telstra Complaints Contacts 

The NEW CEO of Telstra is David Thodey Contact US also we are compiling a list of every politician, newspaper and TV station in Australia so you can get you complaint heard fast.

If you like our site and want to support our effort buy a ebook with Complaints Letter.


If you have a Telstra Mobile That only rings twice than goes to message bank well we have discovered an amazing trick so visit our page on how to make your Telstra mobile ring longer.

Do you have a broken phone that nobody is helping you with then please visit our letter of demand sectiontelstra complaints

If you have reached this website you may be having trouble finding someone to  complain to or about Telstra, yellow pages or Sensis I have started my own directory as a quick help, so that you can navigate around the Bureaucracy , Please be advised we are not associated with Telstra in any way but because of my own experience I would like to help people find the right person to complain to.


Fax CEO David Thodey (03) 9632 3215    

Please complain to multiple channels at once to get heard faster. I have recently received an  email detailing Telstra's recommended complaints procedure please  Telstra suggested contact info

telstra complaints email list

The Steps To The Fastest  Telstra Complaints Response Last Updated Jan 16 2009

  1. Fax CEO David Thodey (03) 9632 3215  
  2. Send a Letter to all members of the Telstra Board cfm  use the following address
    Level 41 - Telstra Centre ,
    242 Exhibition Street,telstra complaints
    Fax (03) 9632 3215 
  3. Email Ombudsman: 
  4. Here's an Email that works
  5. A great Telstra complaints Page I have found and Great email form
  6. Australian Communication & Media Authority - this seems to be the government authority in charge of spam and advertising enquires.
  7. FAX ACCC: 02 6243 1210 Australian Competition Commission
  8. Email Communication Minister:
  9. Email Shadow Communication Minister: The Hon. Bruce Billson, MP
  10.  Today Tonight / A current affair 
  11. Sample Letter Telstra Complaints



I have noticed emails recently about annoying calls to people that have added themselves to the governments do not call register , while this is not necessarily Telstra fault you may want to complain about these calls to The Australian governments DO NOT CALL REGISTER. Direct to the Do not call complaints register

If the matter is serious enough why not contact Today Tonight / A current affair 

Privacy Related Telstra Complaints Or email


Bellow You will find the ever growing Directory please feel free to help me add contacts as my aim is to have the most comprehensive and effective Telstra Complaints directory possible.


The Purpose of the Telstra Complaints Directory , Help People Get past the 13 numbers ,Help people get a response ,Help people help themselves


You contact each one of the people above in the hope that they can help otherwise you may want to start your own campaign this can consist of contacting media  Today Tonight / A current affair or do what I am doing and start your own website.

While we cannot provide legal advise relating to putting your complaint  online we can tell you how to do it, there are many free hosters out there but we do recommend paying at least you don't get the advertising visit our favourite one Fast domains If you want help to make a website why not mozzilas free composer possible the easiest option is  its free fast and easy if you want the best website creation tool than try Best Website Software.

So there you go,  If you can think of an way for us to make this website more useful or better yet have more contacts please contact Telstra complaints

 Telstra Complaints

If you like our site and want to support our effort buy a ebook with Complaints Letter.

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Thanks for your site. Your contact details worked for me. After 22 months I found 8 people who carried on telling me I couldnt do anything, one in rapid response who promised everything and did nothing and one person who has apparently fixed my problem after it was referred to him from the office of the CEO.

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