Telstra Complaints

How to get Telstra to action your complaint..Before it's to late.

Step 1 Record Everything

The first thing you need to do is make sure you keep records of all interaction. Simply keep it on paper or spread sheet. Each call you make the first thing you do is ask for the employee number. Secondly ask for a record of what you have agreed to, get it emailed to you. In the past in my case recordings have been cut of early. So what I agreed to didnt sound like what was recorded.

Step 2 Escalate This is difficult because they do not like doing this.

This is a difficult situation because the people on the phone do not like to escalate or put in a complaint. You need to keep repeating I want to put in a complaint, I want to speak to a supervisor,I want to escalate this. Repeat this over and over you will need a SR number for the next step. If they refuse to give this to you. Sometimes the even refuse to give you an emplotee number, You need to rely on the exact time of the call and how you got to that operator. If they refuse to log a complaint of give you information, remebber this seems to be standard operating proceedure. Thats why it is best to get their operator number before you start.

The Complaint Who to complain to.

So if you have got up to this section I would say you are now damn frustrated.